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Parandi are a type of hair accessories, typically associated with the Sikh community. No Sikh wedding would be complete unless the bride wore a parandi.

Parandis can be of different types and colors. The fancier ones have artistic work or beads on them.

A parandi is attached to the hair while braiding. The hair is combed to remove any knots. The hair is then braided until the desired position for the parandi is reached. The parandi is held in the center and the three sections of the parandi are merged with those of the natural hair. Braiding is then continued as before until the end of the hair. A rubber band is tied at the end of the hair to prevent the braid from opening.

Since the parandis add to the beauty of the lady,they are generally won at all traditional North Indian Festivals like the Baisakhi, Lohri and while dancing the folk dances of Bhangra, Gidda etc.The girls wear the Parandi matching to the color of their dresses and so on making them look very vivid and colorful.